Introduction to Dasthe Art and Agency

As our space is artist run, our first goal and mission is to support, encourage, promote and exhibit emerging artists in the contemporary art scene.

Our hybrid project gathers a contemporary art space, a fully equipped photo & multimedia studio for future residents. Dasthe Agency positions itself as a production and consulting agency locally.

We are promoting both local and international artists, however we make a point to represent Moroccan/African artists in every exhibition we produce. As this continent, and specifically Morocco, is becoming more familiar and engaged in the contemporary arts scene. We take the gamble to bet on the new scene because we understand that young artists are most willing to be represented internationally. Firstly, because they understand the tools and the language of the globalized market, and secondly because the artists born in the 80’s and 90’s have an intrinsic “globalist” culture with which they no longer limit the resonance of their aesthetic discourse on the ground national level alone.

In addition to our art space we have organized a platform that doubles as an agency, providing resources, materials and equipment as a part of our photo studio. We also offer technical training and mentoring to better address new technologies; from digital marketing tools to code and from video editing to retouching and graphic creation.

Opportunity for funding and/or sponsorship:

We explore new and innovative themes, concepts and most importantly artists, in a dynamic way to introduce the public to the contemporary arts scene through constant change, engagement and discourse. Each exhibition is accompanied by three evenings per month,  titled “collectors nights” which aim to address the following observations: 

  • the Moroccan public needs a discourse to apprehend contemporary works (compared to modern, more decorative ones).

  • The art world continues to seem opaque, intimidating or superficial to a majority consumer of Moroccan and world pop culture.

  • The purchase of contemporary art is not yet rooted in consumer culture.

These evenings also include a gallery tour with information about the larger themes, aesthetics, mediums, messages and biographical elements about the artists and their work. With these nights we are hoping to reveal the significance of not only viewing contemporary art in Morocco but also purchasing it. The floor is open at the end of the evening to invite viewers to participate in an open discussion regarding the works on view or larger themes associated with the exhibition or the evolving art market here in Morocco. 


dasthe interns


Yumi Tahiri

Content creator

gabrielli paola.jpg

Paola Gabrielli

Assistante Photo


Thibaut Loue Armel

Directeur artistique 


Gionna Cuccolo

Assistante curateur / copywriter 



Sanae El Harrissi

Directrice de production



Yasmine Laraqui



Dasthe is an artist run space based in Casablanca, Morocco. Created in 2017 by Yasmine as a final format for her previous curatorial structures

Youth's Talking (2010 - 2012)